“Kendra is currently my company’s freelancer for content strategy, content marketing, and product marketing services. Many people think marketing is simply about having content. But it’s really about having a content strategy that helps you promote what you want to promote. Kendra guided us through our strategy creation process.

Even though Kendra didn’t know our industry, using her journalistic skills, she was able to have short conversations with us and gain a strong understanding of our content needs. She translated this into highly usable content pieces that linked to our content strategy. She also helped us plan and execute our LinkedIn marketing efforts. Kendra has great business acumen and I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone needing to promote their products or services.”

Margaret Roche


Margaret, owner of Roche Dietitians & nutrition expert


“More than a technician of SEO for marketing, Kendra is a strategic thinker who intuitively sees the implications of SEO for the development of marketing content that can get attention on the one hand and actually matter to consumers on the other. She has the ability to size up the needs of specific audiences and then to generate content that can meet objectives and connect with end users. I would definitely recommend Kendra if you need someone to quickly understand your business and generate content that matters to your consumers.”

Kevin, freelance marketing writer and former brand manager at Tyndale House Publishers

“I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with [Kendra] on various marketing initiatives during our time at Tyndale. … [She crafted] beautifully written marketing content that drove traffic to Tyndale’s corporate website. Kendra’s strong marketing mind was an essential part of the team, and her attention to detail kept us all organized. Finally, Kendra’s friendly demeanor and professional approach to work made it a joy to collaborate with her!”

Emily, former marketing manager at Tyndale House Publishers

“Kendra was such a pleasure to work for. Her keen eye for her target audience made my internship experience much easier. … [She] helped me improve my knowledge on brand marketing. Kendra was very professional and a joy to work with.”

Allison, social media manager and former director of digital at Naperville Running Company

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