Email Marketing

The world moves fast, and it can be hard to keep your marketing strategy up to speed with the pace of change. Do you deal with one of these challenges?

  • Wanting to develop an email marketing strategy but you’re not sure where to start
  • Stressed out from limited email marketing resources
  • Needing someone to execute email campaigns

I can help you overcome these challenges with my unique combination of a strategic and creative mind, along with the deep empathy I have for clients and their customers. I offer the following marketing pivot services to serve your business:

• Developing a data-based email marketing strategy

• Creating emails and email drip campaigns on a variety of email platforms

• Evaluating effectiveness of email marketing campaigns

“[Kendra] has the ability to size up the needs of specific audiences and then to generate content that can meet objectives and connect with end users. I would definitely recommend Kendra if you need someone to quickly understand your business and generate content that matters to your consumers.”

Kevin, freelance marketing writer and former brand manager at Tyndale House Publishers

Let’s build something together.