Content Marketing

Creating content and developing a content strategy isn’t an easy task. Do you deal with one of the following challenges?

  • You need more content but you don’t have the time or staff to produce it
  • You’d like to get started with content marketing and you don’t know where to begin
  • You’ve been doing content marketing for awhile and you’d like to create a more focused strategy

I can help you overcome these challenges with my unique combination of a strategic and creative mind, along with the deep empathy I have for clients and their customers. I offer the following services to serve your business:


• Customer Research

• Buyer Persona Creation

• Content Strategy Creation

• Competitive Analysis for Content


• Blog Writing

• Article Writing (long-form and short-form)

• Web Content Writing

• Data-Based Story Idea Generation


• SEO Keyword & Content Research

• SEO Content Writing

• Competitive Analysis for SEO

• SEO Analysis using tools including Google Analytics and Google Search Console

“[Kendra crafted] beautifully written marketing content that drove traffic to Tyndale’s corporate website. Kendra’s strong marketing mind was an essential part of the team, and her attention to detail kept us all organized. Finally, Kendra’s friendly demeanor and professional approach to work made it a joy to collaborate with her!”

Emily, former marketing manager at Tyndale House Publishers

Let’s build something together.